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        Speech Of President

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        Speech Of President

        The 21st century is the century of the world to catch up with Chinese industry, environmental protection and energy conservation, it is becoming a new proposition Chinese industrial development.
        As China's environmental protection and energy conservation powerful practitioner, Hailu Heavy Industry, with innovative products and interpretation of corporate social responsibility.
        Half a century of trials and hardships, diligent development, sixty years of spring and good governance, and innovation. Hailu Heavy Industry, from small bigger. Environmental protection, energy-saving mission, with the power of innovation, manufacturing industries drawn green territory, has formed a business structure HRSG, nuclear power equipment, large pressure vessels, cryogenic products, marine engineering, environmental engineering and common development.
        "Science and technology leader, the industry pioneer" is Hailu Heavy Industry has always believed in the concept of development, relying on technological innovation and improve the core competitiveness, in order to catch up with peers broad vision and leadership at home and abroad energy saving technology to help customers reduce costs, improve the environment, and constantly self perfect harmony to achieve the development of enterprises and social benefits.
        Today's Hailu Heavy Industry is in a positive adjustment of industrial structure and expand the development of new space is a critical period. Hailu Heavy Industry will rely on powerful, embrace green dream, to create the world's attention a century sea!

        Chairman: Xu Yuansheng