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        Production equipment

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        Production Equipment Overview

        Workshop with 1100 sets of production equipment, has ∮32-∮76 serpentine tube production lines and membrane wall spell row welding machine, driving maximum lifting capacity of 700 tons. Cold roll 180mm / 250mm thickness hot rolled heavy plate bending machine, (8m × 8m × 30m, 800 ℃) overall heat treatment furnace; has a large testing room, equipped with a high temperature of 1000 ℃ electronic testing machine, 6MeV electron linear accelerator, wear through capacity 250mmy ray; owned Lincoln welding machine with a pole, deep butt welded plate automatic welding machine, a small bore pipe welding machine; metalworking shop with CKX511000 type vertical lathe, CNC vertical lathe sizes up φ6.3m * 4m, 4m long gantry CNC deep hole drilling and boring spindle stroke 12m TJK6P20A NC φ200mm floor boring and milling machine and other advanced heavy processing equipment.

        Production equipment